Daytona Motorcycle
Training Course


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Don’t take your motorcycle training courses in a public parking lot! Take your course at our safer, gated, fenced-in private property course in the heart of Daytona, Florida.

We have spots available! Use our form or call us directly at (386) 756-4733 to schedule a course today!

Available 2-Day Courses

Monday & Tuesday
Saturday & Sunday

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Class Registration Starts August 1st

What We Offer

We offer a basic motorcycle riding course that covers everything you need to know about motorcycle techniques and safety. This includes learning how to properly and safely operate a motorcycle, familiarizing yourself with controls and basic motorcycle riding skills that include straight line riding, shifting, turning and braking.

Once we cover the basics, we move on to more advanced skills which include limited-space maneuvers, quick-stop drills, avoiding potential obstacles and other scenarios designed to build your confidence on the road.

What To Bring

For your protection, you will need to bring the following items:

· DOT Helmet*
· Eye Protection*
· Long Sleeves
· Full Finger Gloves*
· Long Pants (with no holes)
· Over The Ankle Footwear* (minimum heels)

* We Can Provide Helmets/Gloves/Boots If Needed

Start Learning Today!

Give us a call to schedule your first riding lesson.

  • 386-756-4733