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Welcome to Choosing your first motorcycle how to pick your first motorcycle video

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Picking your first motorcycle. (ok for the road)

First you have to ask yourself, what kind of riding do you want to do. Just around town?

A cruiser will do just fine. Some brave souls will take long trips on a cruiser - you better be young enough and tough enough. Cruisers are great for a few hour rider and they look cool. But for long riders you may consider a touring bike. Comfort is the keyword here.

Sport bikes - Ok you want to go fast and take the twisties. You may not be a knee dragger yet, but a sport bike is cool. BUT a sport bike is not exactly for long trips.


Sport Tourer - Wow, a combination of a sport bike with a little more comfort and some storage room. Nice compromise. Ok now you're off to the tail of the dragon (no trailering for you).


Dual purpose - Ok you're in the Smokey Mountains taking the twisties and you see that trail - you just have to know where it goes? A dual purpose bike may be for you. Not exactly a full blown dirt bike, but it does offer some comfort, storage and acceptable off-road capabilities.


Touring Bike - Want to hit the road? Stereo, cruise control, storage, and comfort. Some even take the twisties just fine. a road yacht - where's the cappuccino machine? How far do you want to go? Here's a Rt 66 motorcycle trip


Off Road Bike - Just that. There's Enduro, motocross and trials bikes. Where ya going to ride it? In Central Florida you better have a pick up or trailer to toad it around. There's not many places to ride it.


Some will tell you to start out on a small motorcycle - ouch! how many bikes can you afford? Get the biggest you can handle - if you buy a small cc bike you'll quickly wish you had more. Once you get familiar with a big bike, it's just as easy to handle if your feet touch the ground. The weight is not that important, if it's balanced right. Take the rider course and have a good time.

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