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Route 66 photos motorcycle trip across rt 66 then back on highway 50 on motorcycles pics and images
Route 66 photos motorcycle trip across rt 66 then back on highway 50 on motorcycles pics and images
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Florida motorcycle training school - classes available - s classesWelcome to Route 66 photos motorcycle trip across rt 66 then back on highway 50 on motorcycles pics and images

 Route 66 We took off from Florida In June (not the best month to travel Route 66, hot, but fun. Then we took Highway 50 "The loneliest Road in America back (they're right - it is). About 161 photos of our trip. Our advice: Take a lot less than you think you will need.

Route 66 from Oklahoma to the west coast on motorcycles - Here's some tips, lessons learned and hints Lessons learned,tips and hints traveling route 66 on a motorcycle


  • Route 66: First state out of Florida - Alabama On our way to rt 66
  • Route 66: Still in Alabama headed north
  • Route 66: More Alabama
  • Route 66: Yah whoo - we're in the deep south now
  • Route 66: Friend on a Harely Ultra - packed for the ride
  • Route 66: Still heading through Alabama
  • Route 66: Welcome to Mississippi
  • Route 66: OK we needed to lose weight - we
  • Route 66: Ok now we're talking Tennesee
  • Route 66: Still going through Tennessee - no mountains yet
  • Route 66: The Ozarks
  • Route 66: Getting close to Rt 66 in Oklahoma
  • Route 66: Oklahoma rest area
  • Route 66: Not a great road but it's headed to Route 66
  • Route 66: Cherokee court at welcome center
  • Route 66: Cherokee welcome center
  • Route 66: On Rt 66 in Oklahoma
  • Route 66: Still in OK on Rt 66
  • Route 66: Stroud OK on Route 66
    Small town - they had a parard - people were picking up the candy they threw
  • Route 66: The road was blocked off and we sat around for a while
  • Route 66: Ok Now, route 66 souvenirs
  • Route 66: The Rock Cafe' the lady that owned it was in the movie cars
  • Route 66: Parade still going on
  • Route 66: The Parade is over we can get moving
  • Route 66: We had to stop at the round barn - why round? so the Devil can hide in the corners
  • Route 66: A shot of the inside roof of the round barn
  • Route 66: There it is the round barn
  • Route 66: OK city - we're on our way again after a stop in Edmonton
  • Route 66: Another site for tourists - the leaning water tower
  • Route 66: We're all for tourist traps - Cherokee Trading Post
  • Route 66: Buffalo burgers? count me in
  • Route 66: You can't see the 40 mph cross winds - but they were there the whole way
  • Route 66: We're still in OK trying to stay on Route 66
  • Route 66: Rt 66 drive inn Ok we must have taken the right turn back there
  • Route 66: Crosswinds - yepper
  • Route 66: Not much to see
  • Route 66: Hey look directions
  • Route 66: The museum is closed on Sundays
  • Route 66: Will Rodgers highway
  • Route 66: Hey my favorite photo
  • Route 66: Guy at Texas, we tried to gt a shot of him at every state welcome sign
  • Route 66: Yep that's rt 66 all of Texas - add some dirt devils and you see it all
  • Route 66: Another tourist attraction - leaning water tower - they built it that way
  • Route 66: The world's large cross - hey come on we were in Texas
  • Route 66: Inside The Big Texan in Amarillo
  • Route 66: Wow it's cooler - early morning New Mexico
  • Route 66: Sun rise in new Mexico on Rt 66
  • Route 66: Hey look another rt 66 sign - probably leads to a farmers driverway
  • Route 66: Ok we're still on route 66
  • Route 66: If it wasn't for the 2 mile long trains we'd have nothing to look at
  • Route 66: OK some scenery
  • Route 66: Still headed weston rt 66  in New Mexico
  • Route 66: Ahh more trains
  • Route 66: Ya hoo another tourist trap -Clines corner something to eat and drink. pretty hot and dry out here
  • Route 66: We really like New Mexico
  • Route 66: Always something to see
  • Route 66: Not many people on Route 66 the road
  • Route 66: We just keep heading west
  • Route 66: Lots and lots of long trains
  • Route 66: Look someone actually lives out here
  • Route 66: Continental Divide - Ok guy - believe it or not the altitude makes you a little dizzy when you first get off the scoot.
  • Route 66: Food up ahead - Cracker Barrel's were great - always nice and cool inside.
  • Route 66: We had to get on 40 for a while (we lost Route 66) we'll pick it up again up ahead
  • Route 66: Now that's a tourist
  • Route 66: route 66 Indian tourist trap
  • Route 66: Those are plastic animals on the rock
  • Route 66: The painted desert - hot hot hot
  • Route 66: more of it
  • Route 66: Two fat people on a old farts bike
  • Route 66: Ok we got plenty of pics of the painted desert
  • Route 66: Out in the middle of nowhere
  • Route 66: Let's ride rt 66
  • Route 66: Still hot still going west
  • Route 66: West bound and down
  • Route 66: Petrified forest - trees what
  • Route 66: ok there they are
  • Route 66: hey we found rt 66 again - not easy
  • Route 66: Had to stop in Winslow Az - they story behind that song is that cowboys visited the clothing store on Fridays, bought new clothes and modeled them for passing girls - yes that is a red flatbed ford in the background
  • Route 66: Guy standin on the corner of Winslow Az
  • Route 66: The meteor crater - looks much bigger in photos
  • Route 66: Leaving the crater
  • Route 66: Ok we made it to the Grand Canyon
  • Route 66: Grand Canyon wow
  • Route 66: more grand Canyon
  • Route 66: former fat people on the rim
  • Route 66: we shoot lots of pics of the Canyon
  • Route 66: see
  • Route 66: Went to the hotel and came back that evening
  • Route 66: LOL the Elk own all the roads in this area - you can bet I was watching
  • Route 66: Ok we're west bound again
  • Route 66: Hoover Dam - just hot - traffic backed up for miles
  • Route 66: Hoover Damn too hot to stop
  • Route 66: Ok had to stop in Vegas - not my idea
  • Route 66: view from our room in Vegas
  • Route 66: Going into California - lots of alternative engergy
  • Route 66: It's cooler up here and more to see
  • Route 66: Wine Country
  • Route 66: Ok lets do the Golden Gate
  • Route 66: Bay Bridge - 56 degrees (was 95 in Vegas)
  • Route 66: San Fran Bay hey we're almost there
  • Route 66: Trolley car
  • Route 66: Image
  • Route 66: Image
  • Route 66: There it is in the background
  • Route 66: Ok we made it this far
  • Route 66: View from the west side of the Golden Gate Bridge
  • Route 66: Golden Gate Bridge
  • Route 66: on to the Pacific coast highway
  • Route 66: Not lost yet
  • Route 66: hey we found it
  • Route 66: see a Harley can take some twisties
  • Route 66: we're headed north
  • Route 66: The whole area smells like liquorish - wild fennel growing all over
  • Route 66: Image
  • Route 66: ok we're headed east - kind of
  • Route 66: Tahoe - I have no clue who that lady is
  • Route 66: Headed east on 80
  • Route 66: Still headed east
  • Route 66: Image
  • Route 66: Image
  • Route 66: Is that snow? It's been a heat wave all the way across - looks like relief up ahead
  • Route 66: ok cooling off
  • Route 66: Image
  • Route 66: Glacier Meadows - Now we're cooler
  • Route 66: snow in summer
  • Route 66: It was 65 degrees - what a ham
  • Route 66: Donner Summit -  let's stop for some Donner burgers
  • Route 66: Image
  • Route 66: Donner Pass
  • Route 66: Highway 50 On our way to Reno
  • Route 66: highway 50 It's hot again
  • Route 66: Highway 50 the loneliest road in America
  • Route 66: Ok the boots gotta go
  • Middlegate Station - Highway 50 (Pony Express station)
  • Route 66: We went in for a cup of coffee
  • Route 66: Image
  • Route 66: What octane? who cares it's gas
  • Route 66: I'm eating, I don't care if the next gas station is 160 miles up the road.
  • Route 66: Image
  • Route 66: Image
  • Austin Nevada on Highway 50 - they were shooting a movie (though that RV looked out of place.)
  • Route 66: On 50 east
  • Don't know, didn't ask
  • Route 66: Image
  • Utah is hot this time of year
  • Route 66: Image
  • Route 66: Image
  • No telephone poles on highway 50
  • Route 66: Image
  • Route 66: Image
  • Route 66: Image
  • Colorado
  • Vail
  • Ahh the Rockies
  • Route 66: Image
  • Johnson tunnel
  • Route 66: Image
  • Route 66: Image
  • Kansas - just shoot me
  • Yep that's Kansas
  • in the hotel lobby - then home to Florida
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